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Authorized Retailers

Recently, a customer related a carrier purchase horror story to me.  She had unknowingly bought from an unauthorized retailer and was unable to get a replacement when her product failed.

When purchasing from an online retailer, particularly if you are making a large purchase, make sure you are dealing with an authorized retailer.  Why should this matter?  In the case of  product defects or problems, the manufacturer will usually replace an item purchased through an authorized retailer.  For instance, when one of my customers had a Velcro issue with a bumGenius diaper, I was able to put her in direct contact with Bummis, the Canadian distributor, and her diaper was replaced in a very expedient manner.  (Bummis has terrific customer service!)  You really have no manufacturer’s warranty on a product unless you purchase through an authorized retailer.

How can you protect yourself?  It’s simple….ask!  An authorized retailer can let you see a signed agreement with the manufacturer or wholesaler and can give you contact information so that you can verify the retailer’s status yourself.

The old saying “buyer beware” holds true!

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