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Baby Products

Having run Huckleberry Baby Shop for only seven years, I still feel like a fledgling.  Over the years, I have discovered that in the baby products industry, seven years is actually a long time. Countless stores have come and gone in the  years I have been running my business. It seems that some moms, pregnant with or just having had their first baby, imagine how wonderful it will be to run a baby store. Nobody mentions the 24/7 workload. Sparkly new websites pop up with passionate “about me” sections proclaiming the owner’s unique vision and passion for the products and need to bring them to their communities. Unfortunately, in most communities, and particularly on our amazing world wide web, it has already been done. And done. The baby products industry has become increasingly dilute in the seven years I have been a part of it.

I get questioned about this sometimes. People wonder how things are for my store, in a town that had less than a handful of baby-oriented businesses when I began this journey seven years ago, and now has several handfuls. A friend and I did a count the other day and were amazed. When we tallied the stores and online businesses in our town, the increase was incredible. How do I handle this? I remain dedicated to my niche. I built Huckleberry Baby Shop with a clear vision. Our tagline pronounces, “Gentle Choices for Eco-friendly Families.” We endeavour to make decisions and sell products which are gentle for babies, families, our earth, and our global community. To this day, I am proud to say that we have stayed faithful to this. Customer service is also incredibly important and we aspire to provide it at a consistent high level. Our baby products and our customer service combine to make coming to Huckleberry Baby Shop worthwhile and enjoyable.

How do we choose our merchandise? We try to source products from businesses as close to home as possible. We care a lot about packaging…and manufacturing standards…and ethical treatment of workers…and babies…and families….an awful lot. We are concerned about chemicals and struggle to bring you products which will expose your whole family to fewer toxins. For many reasons, we attempt to reduce the plastic we sell because we are not sure about the long term chemical exposure and we know our earth is suffering from our use of plastic. We look for products that encourage family closeness and bonding, products which reduce garbage, and baby products which make parents’ lives easier.


Reliable, safe, gentle choices in baby products are what we are about. A customer exclaimed to me the other day that she absolutely loved everything in our store and was amazed at how we were able to “do that.” My pleased response to her was that we are actually told this sort of thing frequently. Parents love that we do our baby products homework. Parenting is a busy job and sometimes it is nice to have someone else help make a few of the decisions easier.

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