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Diapers and Cost


A customer sent me an email yesterday with some questions about diapers and pricing. She mentioned that she is seeing more and more cheap pocket diaper brands being sold and wonders why the pocket brands I sell are generally more expensive. She also mentioned that there has been some insinuation that boutique type stores raise diaper prices in order to make a hefty profit.

I thought this customer raised some interesting issues, so I will share my responses with all of you.

Cloth diapers do not have a large profit margin. One reason I have expanded to carrying more of a selection of natural products for babies and families is that they offset the lower profit on diapers. The unfortunate truth is that in order to run an actual store, one has to make money to pay the rent, services, employees, etc. I truly believe that by having a store which customers can walk into, cloth diapers are made much more accessible within a community.

I don’t carry most of the cheap pocket diapers because there is no guarantee about workers’ fair treatment in the manufacturing process. Even with a Chinese manufactured diaper, there is a significant cost to paying a fair wage, providing safe and comfortable working conditions, providing benefits, allowing reasonable work hours and maintaining environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. I have seen the breakdown of the actual cost of providing all of this and now know that no pocket diaper with inserts can make it into a consumers hands for $8-12 and have been fairly manufactured according to these standards. Yes, I regret that I cannot ethically offer these cheap pockets, but there are other options equally as affordable, including prefolds, flats, consignment and even many all in two systems. I am not willing to offer for sale any product which may have been manufactured at the expense of a worker’s health, safety or well being.

As for store pricing of diapers, most diaper manufacturers set price guidelines which store owners are expected to adhere to. Most of us do our best to respect this and maintain good relationships with those from whom we purchase our diapers.

If anyone has more questions, please ask. I am always willing to chat diapers! 🙂

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