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We want cloth diapering to work for your family! In order to assist you in choosing the system which best suits the needs of your unique family, we offer a Cloth Diaper Trial Program.

The Huckleberry Baby Shop Cloth Diaper Trial Program allows families to try out a variety of our most popular diapers for a two week period. If you choose to participate in this program, you will be provided with everything you need to cloth diaper for the duration of the trial. This includes diapers, inserts, a diaper storage bag (in lieu of a diaper pail), a waterproof bag for storing wet & soiled diapers when you’re out, cloth wipes, wipes solution, laundry detergent, and disposable liners if your baby is on solids. You will also be provided with washing instructions.

This is a perfect opportunity for families who are curious about cloth diapering but are not sure enough to make a purchase. Find out what this new and eco-friendly trend is really all about!

The cost for two weeks rental of the trial package is $39.99 plus GST.

*Included in the trial package will be a huge selection of diapers, including one size pockets, sized pockets, all-in-ones, prefolds, covers, fitteds, a laundry bag, a wet bag for out and about laundry detergent, wipes, wipe cubes, etc.

Diaper packages are available in two sizes: up to 15 lbs, and over 15 lbs.

A fully refundable credit card or cheque equal to the replacement cost of the diapers in the trial package, is required when the package is rented. This is refunded when the diapers are returned, unless there is damage or there are items missing. Your redit card will not actually be charged unless there are items damaged or missing. In the case of damaged or missing items, you will be refunded your deposit less the cost of the damaged or missing items. (This does not apply to normal and reasonable wear and tear such as stains, etc!)

Friendly, knowledgeable support provided. Simply contact us if you have a question.

At the end of your two week trial period, you will be asked to return the diapers and other package items in clean condition. We then sanitize the diapers to get them ready for the next family who wants to try them.

As a bonus for taking part in this program, you will receive a voucher for $10 off of your next order over $85.

**We do not provide trial diapering packages to households in which there is someone who smokes. This is simply because it is difficult to get the smoke smell out of the diapers and accessories.

This program is open to all BC residents. If shipping is necessary, it is at the cost of the renter.

If you are interested in booking dates for a cloth diaper trial, please contact us at info@huckleberrybabyshop.com or call 250-585-5552.